Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What have we been up to? Kas jauns?

Dylan was having a breakfast with all his buddies :D :D ha ha

Dilanam bija ipasas brokastis, kopa ar saviem draudziniem.

Ethan did a Starbucks commercial :) ha ha just kididng

Itans piedalijas "Starbucks" kafijas reklama :) hi hi

WE said goodbye to our old house.

 and said hello to our new house. "Welcome home Sheaffer family, Welcome home!!!" :)
Mes atvadijamies no musu vecas majas.
Si ir musu jauna virtuve :)

This is our new kitchen and we love it!

Puikas bija uz paris dzimsanas dienas ballitem.
The boys went to couple of birthday parties :)

And of course, couldn't do without trick or treating :)

Un protams ari koncinas bija jaiet salasit :)

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